Updated Sanchayapatra Interest Rate 2022

Sanchayapatra or Savings Certificate is the most popular form of investment in Bangladesh. It is safe, and secure, and provides the best interest rate. It provides extra income to many people with some savings. Some people especially retired person run their families with the help of Sanchayapatra.

Recently, the Bangladesh Government has changed the interest rate of Sanchayapatra on September 21, 2021. If you have purchased any Sanchayapatra before this date then-new the interest rate will not affect you. It will only apply to the newly bought savings certificates.

Bangladesh National Savings Authority has created several categories and reduced interest rates for a total investment of more than 15 lakhs. Now people with Sanchayapatra valuing more than 15 lakh taka will enjoy an interest at a reduced rate. Moreover, if you purchase Sanchayapatra of more than 30 lakh, you will get a further reduced interest rate.

The new Sanchayapatra interest rate of 2022 is given below with two new categories.

So if you are planning to purchase Sanchayapatra, you may want to check other investment options. Calculate your earnings from Sanchayapatra with this Sanchayapatra Interest Calculator.

ETIN Requirements for Sanchaypatra

Now, there is no need for ETIN up to 5 lakhs taka. You do not need to submit any ETIN information if you want to buy sanchaypatra up to 5 lakhs taka. Above 5 lakhs you have to submit your ETIN and your tax return slip.

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