Sudden BAU Tour

I promised to my friend that I would visit his campus (BAU). It has been more than three years since I have made that promise. Now, he is leaving the campus and I have to keep my promise before he leaves.

So, last Friday I started my journey to Mymensingh. I live in Chandra, Gazipur. So I need to go to Gazipur chourasta first then to Mymensingh. Chandra to Gazipur chourasta road is being upgraded to two lane to four lane. So, it is a huge mess and transportation is not very good. There is no good bus service and dust is all around. It took me one and half hour to reach chourasta.

Then I took a bus to Mymensingh. This is a four-lane highway. Still drivers are reckless and nobody bothers about maintaining lane in Bangladesh. Everybody loves to horn. This is much better than most of the highways in Bangladesh. At noon I reached at Bridge more of Mymensingh and took a auto rickshaw to Jabbar-er more, BAU. And finally a smile welcomed me.

BAU has an amazing campus and it’s huge. I studied at an engineering university and my campus is tiny. So I was amazed by the vastness. As it is an agricultural university, everything is so natural. Everything is so calm and peaceful. It’s like a different world to the rest of the country. I had a great time with my friends and watched as much as I could during this short period. Now, I really regret not going earlier. Thanks for the great experience.

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