How To Solve Redmi Note 7 Pro Constant Restart Problem

Yesterday I faced a peculiar problem with my phone. I was traveling by bus and using the Wikipedia app on my phone. Then suddenly my Redmi Note 7 Pro restarted. I thought that I have pressed the power button unconsciously. But the restart was not completed. The Redmi logo came and it restarted again, then again and again. Something is not right, I thought.

I have been using this phone for one year and 8 months. First time I faced this kind of problem. I tried to press the power button to force a full restart but all in vain. I tried to press the power and volume low button to fastboot. The fastboot logo came but it restarted again. It was very frustrating.

After an hour I got my hands on a computer, I did some googling. I found that constant restart is not a rare problem for Redmi phones. Many people faced this problem but in most cases there is no solution.

Then I found a Quora post on this topic. It suggested to press the power button and upper volume key to get the reboot menu and somehow reboot it. I pressed the power button and upper volume for few seconds and got the reboot menu. I selected the reboot option with volume keys and pressed the power key for a reboot. But it did not work.

It restarted again and again. I tried to press the power button when the reboot option came. After 12-15 attempts, my Redmi Note 7 Pro finally rebooted fully and I was relieved. I deleted the Wikipedia app instantly. I don’t know but suspect that it was causing the problem. Now my phone is working fine.

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