Return Faulty Product to Daraz

I have been using Microlife Auto Blood Pressure machine for more than one year. It is a useful tool for our family as there are several members of my family with blood pressure issues. I am satisfied with the performance of the machine.

Recently, I talked about the blood pressure machine with my close friend. He said that he was actually looking for this type of device. As I got the device from daraz, I recommended it. He requested me to order the device on his behalf. So I did.

After some days, the product was delivered and he was very excited to test it right away. We unpacked the box and set up the device and started to take measurements. To my disbelief, the machine was showing an Err3 message. I went through the documents and found that the machine is unable to generate enough pressure. I was so embarrassed. I told him that I will contact the seller.

After he went back to his house, I sent a text message to the seller from daraz app about the device. The seller told me to return the product and promised me to provide a new one. At that point, I told him how and where to return the product. He simply said to return the product to the nearest daraz collection hub.

The following day, I went to a daraz collection hub and returned the device. The daraz official said that I will get my money back after the confirmation and then I need to re-order the product if I want. I can get daraz voucher or money to my bank account. I opted for daraz voucher as I wanted to order it again.

After several days, the product return was completed and I got my voucher. I ordered it right away.

Today I got the Microlife auto blood pressure machine and tested again. Now it’s working fine.

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