Redmi Note 7 Pro Earpiece Problem

I have been using Redmi Note 7 Pro since June 2019. It is a very excellent phone within budget. It has a very good camera and battery life. So I was very happy with the phone.

For the nature of my job, I have to take lots of phone calls every day. With its huge battery, I can easily use it for two days without worrying about charging.

Then a few months back, I started to have problems with the earpiece of my Redmi Note 7 Pro. When I make or receive any call, the earpiece sound level was very low. I checked the volume level. It was the highest. I can hardly hear anything when I was on the road or outside. It was very annoying. A phone with this quality should not have this kind of problem. I was sure that it is not a software bug as I waited for fewer software updates to solve my problem. But no software update solved my problem.

I surfed the internet to find the solution to low earpiece sound and I found out that many people are complaining about the same problem. Then I saw a youtube video. It recommended me clean the earpiece with a toothbrush. I was skeptical about the safety of the phone. But the problem was very annoying. So I did clean it with a brush for a few minutes and the problem was solved.

Finally, a toothbrush came to the rescue me.

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