Redmi Note 7 Pro – Average User Review

I have upgraded my phone in June last year. I have bought a Redmi Note 7 Pro after using Motorola Moto G(2015) for more than three and a half years.

I am not a phone geek and I do not upgrade unless I need to. The battery life of Moto G was very limited and I was facing issues with charging port. So I decided to let it go.

As I did not want to spend much yet I wanted a good camera and good battery back up, I went for Redmi Note 7 Pro. And I have been using this phone since without much problem.

The best thing of Redmi Note 7 Pro for me is the battery life. I have a daily job that requires a huge number of phone calls, WhatsApp, Viber messaging, email. Still, I get two days of battery life with a full charge. So, 4000 mAH battery of Redmi Note 7 Pro was a lifesaver for me.

Then there is a camera. It is one of the best cameras for the budget. I am satisfied with it. I take a lot of pictures for my job and for my personal interest. It is serving me quite well. Both the front and back camera is very good. If you know how to use pro mode, then you will love the default camera app.

Captured by Redmi Note 7 Pro (GCam)

For portrait, I will suggest using a gcam. WIth gcam you will get so much better portrait. I use both gcam and default camera app. For human subjects, I use the default camera app. Because gcam is too real. It shows all the spots and wrinkles on the skin. And who doesn’t want to look good on social sites?

You can shoot 4k videos with Redmi Note 7 Pro. If you have a gimbal or camera stand then go for 4K. Otherwise, 1080 60FPS is good enough for me. The video stabilization works but not so good. I do not like it. I hope they somehow improve it little more with any kind of software update.

I do not play games on the phone. So I cannot say much about it. But I am satisfied with the performance. I have the 6GB memory and 128 GB storage versions. I have little to no issue with the performance. I listen to songs and watch videos on my phone regularly. Sound is great and videos look very sharp. It’s a 1080p screen.

At first, I hated the notch. Now I am accustomed to it and rarely notice it. The screen is very good and I use reading mode during night time which reduces strain on my eyes.

Android security updates come quite regularly. It is a good sign. I do not know how long they will provide security updates. Android 10 should come within this quarter or next. Currently, I am using the Poco launcher. It’s very fast and easy on the eye. I also love the default launcher.

The most annoying problem I had with my Redmi Note 7 pro is the earpiece sound problem during calls. I have solved the problem by using a little trick.

Overall, I am satisfied with my phone for my day to day usage. As I am trying to practice a minimalist lifestyle, I am reducing my phone usage day by day. There is no social media app. I turn off my data over 4G whenever I can. So, I am expecting to use this phone for 2-3 more years to come. Let’s see.

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