Problems of Honda Xblade ABS [From Experience]

I bought my Honda Xblade Dual Disk with a single-channel ABS bike more than a year ago. It is a great motorcycle with a smooth riding experience. I became a fan of the Honda Xblade. Yet there have been some bad sides. During this time I have experienced some problems with my Honda Xblade. These are as follows:

Gear Shifting

Gear Shifting in Honda Xblade is hard. Sometimes it gets stuck between two gears. It is the most annoying thing for me. You have to push hard to upshift any gear. After more than a year and a fourth service, it has become a little softer. I hope this will softer in the near future.

Battery Problem

After purchase, the technician from the showroom told me to kick-start my bike every morning. I followed their instruction. But when I tried to self-start, it failed most of the time. The time on the dashboard gets reset every time I stop the bike and rest for a few hours. I told them this to the showroom and they said the battery is dead. It is very annoying that the battery of a brand-new bike is dead. They replaced the battery as it was under warranty.

Starting Bike in Winter

Self-start works perfectly in any season except winter. During winter mornings, I found it impossible to start the bike using self-start. Even Kickstart does not work. You have to use a choke to start Honda Xblade every morning in winter.

Low Ground Clearance

Honda Xblade has a low ground clearance. If you are selling your motorcycle in India and Bangladesh, then you have to be practical about the road conditions in these countries. The double stand of the Honda Xblade gets touched with most of the speed breaker. You have to be very careful when passing a speed breaker.

The advantages of the Honda Xblade are far more than its problems. Smooth riding with great mileage is the best thing I got from Honda Xblade. Hope they solve these problems in the next edition of the bike.

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