A long walk in Jalsuka

31st December was the last day of my 3 days vacation due to national election in Bangladesh. Along with my friends and colleagues, we decided to pay a visit to nearby location called Jalsuka. It is a beautiful place with a small river.

From Baroipara Bazar, we took a CNG auto-rickshaw. I cannot say that I have enjoyed the journey. The road was horrible and I had to accommodate myself in the congested space beside driver. The auto-rickshaw had door on both sides. The door made the space inside very congested. It was like a small cage.

Within 15-20 minutes, we reached our destination and I felt very much relieved. We bought some oily desi snacks and started walking. As we had no pre-defined destination, we continued our journey along the rivers. The fresh air of the countryside was very refreshing. I saw various types of crops and vegetables along the riverside. There were some people who were working on the fields. Some were irrigating the crops and vegetables. It was an awesome afternoon.

After walking for a while we decided to return. Then we met some of our other colleagues who were also exploring the area. Together we started on another path. We walked through the villages and discussed the election which took place the day before. After a while we find the path to return.

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