How To Link Bkash With Sonali Bank Account

Sonali Bank Limited is the biggest bank in Bangladesh with more than 1200 branches. So it has a very large customer base. On the other hand, Bkash is the largest mobile financial service in Bangladesh. Many people want to know is there any way to link their Sonali Bank Account with their Bkash account. So that they can transfer money whenever they need it.

Yes, it is possible to link your Sonali Bank account with your Bkash account. Before linking the respective accounts, you need to meet the following requirements.

Requirements to Link Bkash with Sonali Bank Account

  1. NID should be same for both accounts. Both should be smart card number or both should be NID number.
  2. Date of Birth Should be same on both account.
  3. Mobile number should be same on your Sonali Bank account and Bkash account.

If you fulfill the above criteria, then follow the below steps.

Steps to link Bkash with Sonali Bank Account

  1. Go to Bkash app from your phone.
  2. Go to add money on bkash app.
  3. Select Bank to bKash.
  4. Now select Bank Account.
  5. Click Sonali Bank from available bank list.
  6. Click Link Bank Account.
  7. Provide your Bank Account Number.
  8. Provide your Bank Account Name.
  9. If every information is correct, then linking will be successful. Otherwise it will give exact reason for not linking.
  10. After successful linking, respective branch will approve your request. The whole process should be completed within 24 hours except holidays.

After approval, you can add money from your bank account to the Bkash account and vice versa.

Benifit of Linking Bkash Account to Sonali Bank Account

  1. Transfer Bkash to Bank account, then withdraw cash from bank. It will save some money on withdrawal. If you cash out from agent, it will cost you 1.85% while if your transfer from Bkash to bank account it will cost you 1%.
  2. Add money to your Bkash account from bank to make utility bill payments and online purchasing or send money to another Bkash account holder.

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