I got my Akash DTH!

Last week I got an Akash DTH connection for my home. First, I was skeptical about the price of the full package and monthly bill. Then I decided to go for it.

I talked to a local dealer and he promised to set it up within the next day. The following day, I waited for them. A guy from a local dealer called me in the evening and told me that Akash technician will come tomorrow. I told him my suitable time. I told him to come to my lunch break as it was my office day.

The next day, they were waiting for me at lunchtime. I went home and met with them. I had the plan to set the dish with the balcony grill. But the technician suggested that I should attach it to the wall for better protection during any wind. The grill will not cause any problem. I let him do as he liked.

After 15-20 minutes of dish installation and cabling, he connected the set-top box with my TV via HDMI cable. 10-meter cable was free from Akash. Then he told me to recharge my account and I followed. Within 5 minutes my connection was activated.

So I am satisfied with the quality of the HD Channels especially sports channels. I like to watch European football leagues. So, that’s a plus point for me. I hope every channel is HD.

I found out that when I change a channel, the new channel comes in slow motion for a second or two. Another thing is, sometimes it shows an E169 message and no channel shows up. I had called their customer care number and they told to power off and on the set-top box. It happened a few times and I solved it in that way.

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  1. So bro, you have installed the dish on your balcony, not the rooftop? Is there any particular direction the dish should be pointed at? Or just an open place in front of the dish is needed only.

    Thanks a lot and great write-up!


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