How to Purchase Sanchayapatra?

Savings Certificate or Sanchayapatra is the safest investment option in Bangladesh right now. You will get the highest interest rate in Bangladesh. In my perspective, it is a social safety net for the common people from the government of Bangladesh. Many families depend on the interest of the savings certificate.

There are four types of Sanchayapatra. Each offers a different interest rate. Check the new savings certificate or sanchayapatra rate in 2021 below.

Only females and males older than 65 years can purchase paribar Sanchayapatra.

Necessary Documents to purchase Sanchayapatra

  1. 02 Copy Passport Size Photo of Purchaser
  2. 02 Copy Passport Size Photo of Nominee
  3. 01 Copy NID of Purchaser and Nominee
  4. If Nominee is below 18 years old, then 01 copy of Birth Certificate and 01 copy of NID of his/her guardian (Purchaser cannot be his/her guardian)
  5. TIN Certificate of Purchaser (for above 1 Lakh)
  6. For pensioner Sanchapatra, you need to provide your documents showing the PPO number, gratuity, and provident fund.

Where to Purchase Sanchayapatra?

Sanchayapatra can be purchased at different places. You can purchase at any branch of Bangladesh Post Office, Department of National Savings, any scheduled Bank, etc.

The easiest way to buy Savings Certificate or Sanchayapatra is through a bank. I have personally bought Sanchayapatra from government-owned Sonali Bank Ltd. You can purchase Sanchayapatra from any branch of Sonali Bank Limited.

You can also buy from any other bank.

Steps to Purchase Sanchayapatra

  1. Open a bank account
  2. Deposit money to the bank account
  3. Fill up your Sanchayptra form
  4. Submit the form with necessary documents and a signed bank cheque with the desired amount.

The purchase of Sanchayapatra is done online. You will get notifications on your mobile as soon as the purchase is completed. Normally the whole process is done within a day or two. If your bank is less crowded, then you can get it on the same day. The officials will provide money receipts and Sanchayapatra.

Now there is no token. Your monthly/3-monthly interest will be deposited to your bank account automatically.

Sanchayapatra Purchase Limit

One can buy a savings certificate or sanchayapatra up to 50 lakh taka on a personal account and another 50 lakh taka on a joint account. But, you can only buy one type of savings certificate up to 45 lakh taka. For example, you can buy a family savings certificate or paribar sanchayapatra up to 45 lakh taka. Then you have to buy a Bangladesh savings certificate or a 3-months interval interest-based savings certificate.

Increase Profit

Moreover, you can increase your profit more. You have to open a deposit saving scheme close to your interest amount. For example, you get 1824 interest every month. Now, you can open a deposit saving scheme of 1500 or 2000 taka on the same bank for 5 or 3 years. It will generate more profit. It only works if you do not depend on your savings certificate interest.

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