How To Open Sonali Bank Savings Account

Sonali Bank Limited is a widely known state-owned bank in Bangladesh. Almost all the transaction of govt transaction involves Sonali Bank. It has more than 1200 branches all over the country and worldwide. It has branches in remote locations of Bangladesh.

You can buy sanchaypatra or savings certificate and receive remittance from abroad easily at any branch of Sonali Bank Limited. You can even link your Sonali bank account with your bkash account and send and receive money. So having a Sonali bank savings account is one step ahead in your financial life.

You can easily open a Sonali Bank savings account at any branch. Just go to your nearest branch and fill up the account opening form. For the savings account below documents are required:

  1. Passport Size Photo of Account Holder – 2 Copy
  2. Passport Size Photo of Nominee – 1 Copy
  3. NID of Account Holder – 1 Copy
  4. NID/Birth Certificate of Nominee – 1 Copy

During account opening you will be provided an KYC form. Please fill up the form carefully with the help of account opening officer.

Within a day you will be good to go.


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