How I Got Teletalk Bornomala SIM

Recently mobile call rates and internet packages have come to a standstill in Bangladesh. Most of the operators are providing somewhat same call rates which are quite higher. The most annoying thing is that they constantly changing their packages. They are offering packages like recharge this amount for that offer, that for that offer and it is very hard to keep track of their offers because there are large numbers of them.

To get rid of this chaos, I decided to get a Teletalk Bornomal SIM. This SIM is only for students who passed SSC from 2005 to the latest year. It has a flat call rate and a 1-second pulse. Internet packages are also quite cheaper than other operators. The only tricky point is its network. If you live in an area where the Teletalk network is good, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you will bang your head for using Teletalk.

At first, I registered via SMS. It’s very easy. Just follow the below format:

BOR SSC_Board(1st 3 letters) SSC_Roll SSC_Passing_Year SSC_Registration_No Mobile_No(Any)

Example: BOR DHA 234212 2010 123432 01711123456

You can also register via their bornomala online registration portal. I got my ID and OTP via SMS. Now, I have to collect my bornomala sim from any teletalk customer care center. Keep your ID and OTP safe, because if you forget your ID and OTP it will be very difficult to get another one.

As Teletalk customer care centers are very rare and a good number of them do not operate during weekly holidays, I found it difficult to find any suitable time to collect my SIM. Then I looked at their website and found out the customer care centers that operate every day. I found that a customer care center opposite Dhaka new market is one of them.

Yesterday I went to the new market customer care and asked about bornomala SIM. The guy from the customer care gave me a form to write my ID and OTP and asked for my NID. I provided the information and NID. Then I completed my biometric registration and got my SIM. No photos needed. It was very quick.

Now I hope Teletalk improve their network, so I can use their service without interruption.

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