How I changed my location and reinstalled Akash DTH

After 7 months I have installed my Akash DTH again. Last October, I changed my job as well as my location. So, I packed everything and it was like that since then.

In the meantime, Akash DTH has offered me several offers. There is a condition if I stop my connection for 2 months, there is a 200 Tk reconnection fee. After 2 months, they waived that fee for me. Next month, then offered me 100% cashback with no reconnection fee. Next month the same thing happened again. Next month, they offered me a 99 taka discount on the standard package with no reconnection fee.

Still, I was not moved. I thought they will not offer anything further. A few days later, they offered me a 200% bonus on my 399 recharge for their 2 year anniversary. I thought okay, this is the time. So I recharged on the last date of the offer.

After reactivating my connection, I sent a message on their Facebook page for reinstalling Akash DTH at my new location. They said that the reinstallation charge is 600 taka. If I agree, they will send their personnel. I agreed and gave them my subscriber id, STB serial, registered phone no, and location. They called me and confirmed my details and created a support ticket. They told me that I will get my support within 72 hours.

The next day, I told my family members that the Akash DTH support person will come. My dad waited the whole day but in vain. I got a call the next day at noon from the support person. I told him if it is possible to come the next day morning so that I can be there. He said ok.

The next day, I called him to remind him about the installation. He came within an hour and installed Akash DTH on my roof. I paid 600 taka for his service which I agreed.

Now, I can enjoy Euro 2021 and Copa America in HD.

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