How to Enable Akash Lite

I have been using Akash DTH for four months. So far I am happy about its service.

I love sports. My preference is the European football leagues. I also watch a lot of cricket matches. I purchased Akash DTH for its HD sports channel. It was totally worth it. Watching Bangladesh U-19 winning the world cup in HD was full of joy. Also, champions league football in HD is something special. I am totally satisfied with my choice.

Then come COVID-19. Everything stopped. People went to the basics. Now the sport is a luxury. My office is closed. I stayed home and watched TV a little longer. Then I found, all Bangladeshi channels are hooked to news, talk shows, and ads. Only duronto tv is different. It is quite enjoyable.

As all the sports are postponed indefinitely, I wanted to reduce my DTH costing. I knew Akash Lite pack only costs TK. 249. It has 70 channels including 20 HD channels. But it lacked some entertainment channels and movie channels. So I added the Entertainment add-on for TK. 75. So my total cost was 324 from Akash Standard TK. Not much. But every penny counts. There are different add-ons for different prices. You can choose from them.

To enable Akash Lite Pack with an add on, first I recharged my account with TK. 324 and then called 16442 (Akash DTH customer care number). Then activated the pack from my next billing cycle which was 2 days later. I wish they made an app for users to activate packs on the go.

Hopefully, COVID-19 will be over very soon and we will be back to the world we all know.

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