DPS Payment, Transfer and Withdraw Money Using Sonali E-Wallet

Sonali E-Wallet is an app from Sonali Bank Limited. It has become very popular because you can make payments to your deposit schemes from home, transfer money to any bank account and withdraw money from the bank without any cheque using Sonali E-Wallet.

DPS Payment

DPS Payment has always been a great hassle for Sonali Bank customers. With Sonali E Wallet all the hassle is gone. Now you can make a deposit to any deposit scheme from your phone from any place. You can also check installment numbers and amounts. No more waiting in the queue.

First, go to your Sonali e-wallet app and click on the DPS option.

Then, enter your DPS account number and the number of installments. You can view your scheme information and make payments from here.

Transfer Money

Transfer money to any bank account. Transfer money to any Sonali Bank account instantly and other banks account using BEFTN.

First, go to send money option to transfer money within Sonali Bank. Here you can find the following options.

Now, select account to account if you want to transfer money to another Sonali Bank account. You can also transfer money from your account to your wallet and vice versa.

If you want to send money to other bank accounts, you have to choose BEFTN. From here you have to choose the following options. You can also pay any credit card bill using BEFTN. It generally takes a working day to transfer money.

Fill up the following details and submit.

Withdraw Money

Withdraw money from the bank using Sonali E-Wallet. Just go to any branch, scan the QR code and withdraw from your account.

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