How To Control Akash DTH With Mobile

Akash DTH is the only DTH operator in Bangladesh. It has a moderate number of customers throughout the country. Most of its customer is young and loves technology.

Akash DTH requires its own remote control to operate. So you have a TV remote and a DTH remote. This is very tiresome for many people. Because TV remote is only used to turn on and off the TV. And if you lose or damage the DTH remote then you are doomed. You need to buy an extra remote from the Akash DTH authority which will take a few days to arrive.

That’s why an android remote app is very helpful. Akash DTH STB can be controlled by Zaza remote app. It’s not perfect but you can do the necessary operations.

I have a Redmi note 7 pro which has an IR blaster. I have installed Zaza remote app and set it up to control my Akash DTH STB. You can follow the below steps to configure Zaza remote app for Akash DTH STB.

  1. Open ZaZa Remote App, Go to Add Controller and Select STB/Satellite

2. Select Other

3. You need to go to No. 58 on the list. Others will not work.

4. You will be able to set power and sound settings. Sae Configuration for the remote.

5. Now you can add your favorite channel list from the menu.

Enjoy your Akash DTH with ZaZa Remote App with your android mobile phone.

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