Buy Original Casio Calculator in BD

Casio Scientific calculator is part and parcel of every science student in Bangladesh. You can buy various models of Casio calculators available all over the country. Their price ranges from 300 Taka to 1600 Taka or even more. But most of them are fake.

Buying an original Casio calculator in Bangladesh is a very tiresome job. Most of the shops around the country keep fake versions. Some shop keeps the original ones but only for their known customers. You have to bargain with the shop owner to provide you the original one. Its all chaos.

Some fake calculators can be identified with certain techniques. But most students are gullible and they try to avoid any confrontation with the shop owners. In most cases, they end up with fake Casio scientific calculators in their college bag.

I was also with this problem. Over the years I have used more than 5 scientific calculators. The first one was bought by my father from a local shop. That was an original one. During my college year, I bought a new one from the Gulistan Stadium market and gave the old one to my sister. I had to go through several fake ones before the seller brought the original one.

After completing my graduation, I lost my calculator. I needed a new one for my job preparation. So I bought a Casio scientific calculator from Dhaka New Market. I was in a hurry and I trusted the seller. But I could not be so wrong. A few days later, I found it was a fake one.

Then I found out that online bookselling website rokomari is selling calculators. I have purchased many books from them and I have trust in them. So I ordered on from them. I was right trusting them. They provided me with the original scientific calculator.

So, my suggestion is – if you want to avoid all the hassle of buying an original Casio Scientific calculator, then go to and order one. You will get the best product from them. It will save a lot of time and energy.

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