Benefits of Sonali E-Wallet

Sonali Bank Ltd is the largest bank in Bangladesh. It has the largest customer base all over the country. It has more than 1200 branches. But it was lacking modern technological features until they launched Sonali E-Wallet.

You can enjoy all the modern banking transactions online quickly and securely. It has already simplified the life of its customers through some awesome features.

Major Benefits of Sonali E-Wallet

  1. Pay your DPS without going to the bank. I think it the best feature of Sonali E-Wallet. You can pay any DPS account (yours and others).
  2. Transfer money to any sonali bank account within seconds.
  3. Transfer money to any other bank account using BEFTN. You can pay your credit card bill of any bank using BEFTN.
  4. Recharge your mobile.
  5. Check your account statement through mini statement features.

More features are being added day by day.

How to Activate Sonali E-Wallet

  1. Make sure you have active sms notification feature in your account.
  2. Then install Sonali E-Wallet app from your google play store or apple’s app store.
  3. Complete registration providing all necessary information.
  4. Respective branch will verify your information and activate your E-Wallet within shortest possible time.
  5. After activation you will be able to enjoy Sonali E-Wallet features.

As Sonali Bank Ltd is the most popular bank in Bangladesh, more modern technology should be implemented to make its customer base happy.

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