Bangla Books For Kindle

A couple of months back I got my first Kindle Paperwhite. I loved it from the first moment. For me, it is the best experience reading e-books.

Initially, I was reading only English books. But I was always looking for Bangla books for Kindle. I googled a lot and looked in the social groups for books lovers. I was not successful until I found two very nice websites for Bangla books in pdf, epub, and Mobi format.

First one is Shishu Kishor Boi. This website offer books for younger readers.

Another one is DLOBL. There are around 100 Bangla books in Mobi format which is suitable for Amazon Kindle device.

For now, these books are enough for few months for me. I will keep the search for more sources and keep posting here.

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  1. I am from india
    How to pay and sign up in dlobl ?
    Is there any way to pay in bkash or rocket from here?
    Please help i want to read those books in my Kindle


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