Akash DTH Problems and Solutions

I have using Akash DTH for several months. I am happy with the picture quality. But in the mean time I have faced some problems.

Problem # Akash STB Box Hang Issue

Sometimes the TV screen goes black and it shows different types of messages on it. It is mainly caused because the STB quality is not good and it gets hang from time to time.

The first time, I called their customer care center and they told me to unplug the power cable from STB and plugin. The STB rebooted and the problem is solved.

This happened several times and I just unplugged and plugged in the power adapter cable. This solved my problem.

If this does not solve your problem, then you should call 16442.

Problem # No signal during rain

It is very common for DTH service to face signal issues during heavy rain and cloudy environment. Most of the time problem goes away within a few minutes. If the rain is very heavy and persistent then you will have signal issues.

If you face signal issues with light rain, then you should check your dish alignment. If your dish is installed properly, then there should not be any issues with the light rainfall.

Problem # No Mobile Apps

In this era of high speed internet, there is no time for phone call. It is very annoying that Akash DTH has no android and ios app. Calling customer care for every issue is very old fashioned. It consumes both time and money. Recharging, checking balance and changing packages should be available through app. Hope it is solved very soon.

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