Add More Money Than Cash In Limit on Nagad

Today I have experienced a bizarre problem and found a bizarre solution with a mobile financial solution Nagad. I have decided to make an online purchase of a big amount and wanted to make a payment with Nagad as it was offering some discount on the platform.

I wanted to make a payment of Tk. 150,000 with Nagad. I tried to add money from my VISA card and found out I can only add 30,000 per day. It is also true for Cash In from an agent or Add money from the bank account. I was very frustrated as I needed to make payment within 48 hours.

Then I have found out, I have to do a little trick to bypass the cash-in limit in Nagad. First, I added Tk. 30,000 to my Nagad account from my visa card. Then I added Tk. 25,000 to my friend’s personal Nagad account and told him to send me the money. Again I added Tk. 25,000 from my card to another friend’s personal Nagad account and he sent me the money to my account. I followed these steps until I have Tk. 150,000 in my Nagad account. Now, I can make payments.

So, if you want add money more than 30,000 (Cash in or add money limit), follow these steps.

  1. Cash in Tk. 30,000 from any agent or add money from card or bank account
  2. Find some personal Nagad accounts.
  3. Cash In those personal accounts and send money from their account to your account. Send money limit is Tk. 25,000 per transaction.
  4. Enjoy.

You can avoid step one if you manage enough personal account holders. See the Nagad limit below.

Daily Limit
Monthly Limit

It is a great way to add large money to your Nagad account bypassing the Cash In limit restriction.

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