My Kindle Paperwhite Experience

Amazon Kindle e-book reader is a great companion for the book lovers. If you can live without the smell and touch of paper books then Kindle can become very useful. Because Kindle e-books are very cheap. Moreover, Kindle unlimited brings a huge number of books with a very low subscription fee.

As a bibliophile, I love reading. But international books are very costly and hard to get in Bangladesh (my country). I read many PDF books (mostly free) whenever I find them on the internet. But, it was causing eye strain. So, I decided to get an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite through a friend who was traveling Europe. He got it for only 99 euro from Austria.

After getting my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, I was quite amazed. It’s not 100 percent like paper. But, there is almost no eye strain. I loved the weeklong battery life. Moreover, I can just switch off my phone’s data connection and indulge myself in the book. My first book was the sample of “The monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma.

Primarily, I searched for free books (.mobi) and found Project Gutenberg. It is the best online source for free classic books. I immediately downloaded some books and started reading.

If you want to read classic books, then it’s ok. In the case of modern books, it is not that hard to find PDF of a book and convert it to a Mobi format. But most books are not formatted well after conversion. So, I began to search for better-formatted e-books for my Kindle.

After some days of internet research, I found I have to pay to get best books and Amazon provides the best book subscription service for Kindle users. But I have found following information in the process.

  • Amazon does not operate in my country so I have to use another country where they operate.
  • Book price is different in different countries.
  • Kindle Unlimited subscription fee is different in different countries.

I selected Amazon India because of the low book price. I was skeptical about the payment but found out that I can add my International Debit Card (Mastercard from upwork). After adding the card, I wanted to test. So, I decided to go for a one month Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Everything went fine and I got me a one-month subscription. Then I noticed something which I have missed earlier.

  • There’s a limited number of books you can borrow from. Many well-known books are not available in the Kindle unlimited. You have to buy them separately. It’s not a big deal as most e-books are quite cheap.
  • You can borrow up to 10 books at a time which is also quite fine by me.

Currently, I have borrowed 7 books. I want to see how many books I can read in one month’s subscription then I can decide further.

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