How To Unblock Website From Facebook Blacklist

How To Unblock Website From Facebook Blacklist

I am running several websites and Facebook pages for more than 5 years. All my facebook pages linked to my website and I get a fair amount of traffic from my social pages.

Last week, I established a new website along with a brand new facebook page. When I tried to add my website to my page, Facebook said it is not a valid link. I thought, Okay. I rechecked several times and Facebook replied the same. Yes, Facebook thinks I am a spammer (which I am not) and my website is banned from Facebook.

I was really worried as I have planned this project based on Facebook Fan page and my awesome new idea is having the worst start.

I tried to find a solution within facebook communities. I found out there are many people facing this awkward problem. I tried to read everything there are available regarding this matter. No solution. Only generic reply from facebook dev team.

I tried to contact with facebook via their “Let Us know” link. I posted several messages but no answer. Facebook was very kind and let me know that they cannot reply to an individual. Awesome. What a support from one of the biggest company in the world!


Then I read somewhere on the web, there is a solution. What is that?

Facebook Ads.

If you run ads on Facebook, they will manually check your website link and if you are clean, your website will be free.

That was enough for me as I was desperate to prove that I am not a spammer and I want to implement my next business idea.

I created a Facebook ad, website click (or link click). So that Facebook will verify my site before approving the ad.

Bingo. 🙂

Within minutes my website was removed from facebook blacklist. It cost me 0.25 $ as I ran my ad only for 1 hour and it ended before costing total 5$.

For Facebook, there is no free lunch.

So, if you are facing the same problem with facebook banning your website and you are clean, then you can try this technique.

Or you can message them again and again. Wait for them to reply (which is unlikely) for six months or even more.

The choice is yours.

Have a confusion? Let me know. I will try to help.

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