Bangla Books For Kindle

A couple of months back I got my first Kindle Paperwhite. I loved it from the first moment. For me, it is the best experience reading e-books.

Initially, I was reading only English books. But I was always looking for Bangla books for Kindle. I googled a lot and looked in the social groups for books lovers. I was not successful until I found two very nice websites for Bangla books in pdf, epub, and Mobi format.

First one is Shishu Kishor Boi. This website offer books for younger readers.

Another one is DLOBL. There are around 100 Bangla books in Mobi format which is suitable for Amazon Kindle device.

For now, these books are enough for few months for me. I will keep the search for more sources and keep posting here.

My Kindle Paperwhite Experience

Amazon Kindle e-book reader is a great companion for the book lovers. If you can live without the smell and touch of paper books then Kindle can become very useful. Because Kindle e-books are very cheap. Moreover, Kindle unlimited brings a huge number of books with a very low subscription fee.

As a bibliophile, I love reading. But international books are very costly and hard to get in Bangladesh (my country). I read many PDF books (mostly free) whenever I find them on the internet. But, it was causing eye strain. So, I decided to get an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite through a friend who was traveling Europe. He got it for only 99 euro from Austria.

After getting my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, I was quite amazed. It’s not 100 percent like paper. But, there is almost no eye strain. I loved the weeklong battery life. Moreover, I can just switch off my phone’s data connection and indulge myself in the book. My first book was the sample of “The monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma.

Primarily, I searched for free books (.mobi) and found Project Gutenberg. It is the best online source for free classic books. I immediately downloaded some books and started reading.

If you want to read classic books, then it’s ok. In the case of modern books, it is not that hard to find PDF of a book and convert it to a Mobi format. But most books are not formatted well after conversion. So, I began to search for better-formatted e-books for my Kindle.

After some days of internet research, I found I have to pay to get best books and Amazon provides the best book subscription service for Kindle users. But I have found following information in the process.

  • Amazon does not operate in my country so I have to use another country where they operate.
  • Book price is different in different countries.
  • Kindle Unlimited subscription fee is different in different countries.

I selected Amazon India because of the low book price. I was skeptical about the payment but found out that I can add my International Debit Card (Mastercard from upwork). After adding the card, I wanted to test. So, I decided to go for a one month Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Everything went fine and I got me a one-month subscription. Then I noticed something which I have missed earlier.

  • There’s a limited number of books you can borrow from. Many well-known books are not available in the Kindle unlimited. You have to buy them separately. It’s not a big deal as most e-books are quite cheap.
  • You can borrow up to 10 books at a time which is also quite fine by me.

Currently, I have borrowed 7 books. I want to see how many books I can read in one month’s subscription then I can decide further.

How To Unblock Website From Facebook Blacklist

I am running several websites and Facebook pages for more than 5 years. All my facebook pages linked with my website and I get a fair amount of traffic from my social pages.

Last week, I established a new website along with a brand new facebook page. When I tried to add my website to my page, Facebook said it is not a valid link. I thought, Okay. I rechecked several times and Facebook replied the same. Yes, Facebook thinks I am a spammer (which I am not) and my website is banned from Facebook.

website blocked

I was really worried as I have planned this project based on Facebook Fan page and my awesome new idea is having the worst start.

I tried to find a solution within facebook communities. I found out there are many people facing this awkward problem. I tried to read everything there are available regarding this matter. No solution. Only generic reply from facebook dev team.

I tried to contact with facebook via their “Let Us know” link. I posted several messages but no answer. Facebook was very kind and let me know that they cannot reply to an individual. Awesome. What a support from on of the biggest company in the world!


Then I read somewhere on the web, there is a solution. What is that?

Facebook Ads.

If you run ads on Facebook, they will manually check your website link and if you are clean, your website will be free.

That was enough for me as I was desperate to prove that I am not a spammer and I want to implement my next business idea.

I created a Facebook ad, website click (or link click). So that facebook will verify my site before approving the ad.

Bingo. 🙂

Within minutes my website was removed from facebook blacklist. It cost me 0.25 $ as I ran my ad only for 1 hour and it ended before costing total 5$.

For Facebook, there is no free lunch.

So, if you are facing the same problem with facebook banning your website and you are clean, then you can try this technique.

Or you can message them again and again. Wait for them to reply (which is unlikely) for six months or even more.

The choice is yours.

Have a confusion? Let me know. I will try to help.